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Avoid Major Hassles by Parking At Gold Coast Airport’s Best Facilities

The thing about finding parking at Gold Coast Airport is that it can be notoriously tricky. If you’re planning on parking right at the airport, you can expect to be beleaguered with suspiciously high prices, the stressful process of having to drive around the airport looking for a spot, and potentially coming into conflict with other travellers doing the same, and horrific delays that waste your time. Did you know that when parking at the airport, it can take you 10-15 extra minutes to get to the gate for your flight? Why bother with that?

You could take a gamble with just any old off-site parking lot. You won’t pay as much, but there are problems going with just anybody. Sometimes the facility is unsafe, and you could get stuck so far from the airport it’ll be like you never left home to catch your flight in the first place. For safety, security, and speed, go with Aussie Parking. We’re located close to the airport (about 5 minutes away), and our free shuttle can get you there faster than if you were to park at the airport itself. Our lots are secured, so you can be well off knowing that your car is going to be taken care of properly during your absence. In addition, using our service ensures you great prices coupled with years of experience in the business. We provide indoor parking, outdoor parking, and under cover parking to fit your personal preferences. Call us on 04 9955 5769 to learn more, contact us via email at, or make your booking online today. Parking at Gold Coast Airport has never been easier!