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Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Secure Parking at Gold Coast Airport

So you have your trip out of town all planned out. You collected the plane tickets, you’ve hired someone to watch your dog, and you’ve booked a stay for your car at Aussie Parking, the leader in secure parking at Gold Coast Airport. Did you know that there are few quick things you can do for your vehicle before you leave for your trip that will make everything easier for you upon your return?

First, you’ll want to tidy your car out. Even if you aren’t one of the people who treat their car like a dumpster (you know who you are), there still might be a few loose articles of clothing and scraps of paper strewn about the interior. There might even be that bit of food that you forgot was in there. So instead of coming home to hot and smelly car, save yourself a bit of hassle and give it the once over before you park. Of course, you could also get the friendly staff at Aussie Parking to give your interior a look; we can vacuum and tidy up as well as any other service around!

Once you’re done cleaning, you’ll want to take care of a few minor maintenance issues. Fill your tyres with air, since stationary tires can flatten out a bit over time. Top off your tank to keep your seals from drying up, and prevent condensation inside your fuel tank (which is definitely not good!)

If you have gotten these things taken care of, you should be ready to hit the skies. Remember that when you’re in need of a service that provides secure parking at Gold Coast airport, Aussie parking is the preferred provider in Coolangatta.