Gold Coast Airport Parking for when you are running late

There can be nothing worse than the feeling of running late for a flight. We all have those moments where things just seem to keep going wrong, and we end up on the back foot when it comes to boarding our very important flights. There can be a traffic jam, the hotel may have forgotten to wake us up, we can get lost looking for the correct gate, or we may have simply slept in for an early flight. The reason why this occurrence is so stressful is that it can hundreds of dollars to have to book another flight and sometimes there isn’t another flight option until a few days away. This can mean that further money must be spent on accommodation waiting for the next flight slot to open and some will even lose a few days of work. On top of all of this worry, some must also figure out where they are going to park their vehicles when they are running late for their flight. The good news is that here at Aussie Airport Parking, we offer Airport Parking Coolangatta which can easily be booked at the last minute either online, over the phone, or in person. This can give stressed-out travellers the peace of mind that they will have one less thing to worry about when they are in a mad rush to reach and board their flights.

We have an easy to use online booking system

If two or more people are in a car together and are rushing towards the airport, one person can easily use their smart device to jump onto our website and select the “book” tab. From there, they are able to select that day’s date and time for check-in, the date and time that the return flight will land and the parking type (indoor or outdoor). There are even options to select if you are a loyalty club member or senior card holder which will then automatically apply relevant discounts. From there, flyers are easily able to pay for their parking online with their credit card. For those who are in a mad rush, we suggest then giving one of our team members a call to give them the heads up. They can then have any relevant paperwork ready if necessary and can ensure that the shuttle bus to the airport is ready to take travellers to the airport quickly. For those who are in the car and don’t have somebody with them to do all of this online, we suggest calling one our team members using the hands-free option in a car and organising parking from there. For those who don’t have the option to book online or call while they are on their way, they can simply show up at our Gold Coast airport parking facility and we can take care of things quickly from there.

We have a free and on-demand shuttle bus

One of the many reasons why we have over 10,000 happy customers is because we offer a free and on-demand shuttle bus. Not only does our shuttle bus take its passengers to their flights, it will also be there for them ready to pick them up when they return. Many companies will only offer a shuttle bus at certain times which can be very inconvenient for passengers. Nobody wants to be waiting in the cold for their bus to arrive for hours at a time after they have already spent a long period of time on a flight. The best part is that our Gold Coast airport parking is the closest one to the airport, so our curtesy shuttlebus will be by your side in no time. All you have to do is give us a call after you have picked up your luggage and we will come and get you and return you to your car where you will find it safely parked. As if all of this wasn’t enough to impress stressed out flyers, we even offer a price-match guarantee. For all of these reasons and more, we here at Aussie Airport Parking believe we are best and safest place to leave your vehicle when heading the airport, even for those who are running late for their flights.

To learn more about our fantastic services please look around our website to learn more, or simply give us a call and have a chat with one of our friendly team members. We are sure you will be impressed with what we have to offer. Want more information, contact us.