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Free shuttle transfer to and from the Airport!

Long Term Parking Near Gold Coast Airport Provides Unrivalled Service

What do you think of when you think of airport parking? Outrageous prices that may necessitate selling off your antique guitar collection? Images of a criminally underpaid employee taking your car out for a spin while you’re gone? How about worrisome booking processes that make you dread even thinking of the word “parking”? All regrettable, and all avoidable, when you decide to park at Aussie Parking, the kings of long term parking near Gold Coast airport. What gives us our edge? Our first-rate level of service, naturally.

Some parking services barely acknowledge your existence and rather disdainfully return your vehicle to you once you’re back from your trip. Aussie Parking has a different philosophy: genuinely satisfy the customer with superior service. We provide a convenient location close to the airport, provide free shuttle service, and will even detail your car while you’re off enjoying your trip to wherever. That’s right. We’ll make sure that your car is sparkling clean to the point of causing envy within your neighbours upon your return. What more reason could you need for going with the pros at Aussie Parking?

For out of this world customer service, safety, security, and convenience when making arrangements for long term parking near Gold Coast airport, the way to go is Aussie Parking. No other service will get you to the airport quicker, and no other service provides the level of attention to detail that we can offer. Experience a new level of satisfaction today. Call us on 04 9955 5769 to learn more, or contact us via email at