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Staying Secure While Parking at Coolangatta Airport

It takes a good bit of planning to pull off a good trip. Coordinating who is going, when it will happen, and how you will get there can take its toll on your sanity. It can also be especially nerve-racking when you have to go for a trip and leave your car behind. Most long-term lots are safe. If you’re trying to find secure parking at Coolangatta airport, our lots at Aussie Parking doubly so. Still, it never hurts to take a few precautions to provide yourself with a little extra security and confidence in leaving your car out of your sight. We’ve got a few handy tips that will help put you at ease.

Remove Your Valuables. It’s common to drive around with a bunch of stuff in your car that could be of value. Entertainment accessories for the kids, spare clothes, or even an extra work computer. Whatever your car valuables might be, remember to take them out before your trip to limit your risk for opportunity crimes.

Stick to the Lights. If you can’t get an indoor spot, consider parking close to an outdoor spot that’s near the lights. This will help keep your vehicle in plain view, and discourage any unsavoury types from wanting to break into your car under the cover of darkness.

Park at a Secure Facility. This goes without saying. A secure facility is a much better spot to leave your vehicle than an unsecured one. Preferably, they’ll have staff dedicated to keeping your vehicle safe and sound. When looking for secure parking at Coolangatta airport, Aussie Parking is leading the pack. Call us on 04 9955 5769 to learn more, or contact us via email at