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The Best Motor Bike Accessible Long Term Parking Near Coolangatta Airport

Driving a motorbike is a fun, but challenging endeavour. There’s a bit of a learning curve in trying to learn how to ride, and then a lot you have to look out for on the road, from drivers that didn’t see you to angry motorists who flat out hate motorbikes. If that wasn’t enough, you have to worry about parking too. What if you leave your bike out on your trip and it gets nabbed? Just another headache you don’t need. Luckily, the pros at Aussie Parking have your back. We provide motorbike friendly long term parking near Coolangatta airport and know just how important your bike is to you. We’ll treat it like our own, and make sure that you come back to a pristine looking cruiser once you return from your trip. Whether you’re going out of town short term or long term, we’re here to provide safe and secure facilities for you leave your bike while you are away at very reasonable prices. Did we mention that motorbikes park for our special flat rate?

All that and more make Aussie Parking the logical choice for long term parking near Coolangatta airport. Why fool around with pricey on-site parking, or less reputable off-site parking when you can go to a trusted off-site parking that provides unparalleled peace of mind? Come find out why they call us the best long term parking near Coolangatta airport. Contact us on 04 9955 5769 to learn more, contact us via email at, or make your booking online today.