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What Sets Aussie Parking at Coolangatta Airport Apart

There are a lot of parking options out there when you need a spot to park your vehicle while you’re on a trip. You could brave the dangers of the airport and park on-site (good luck with that). You could go with a mediocre off-site service that might do a good job watching your car (not very encouraging). The best option would be a reputable off-site parking facility that will provide you with a few perks while you’re out of town, like cleaning your car for you. There are a number of spots around that can do that for you, but when parking at Coolangatta airport, Aussie Parking should be your first option.

Why’s that? Because we don’t just make sure your car is clean, we make sure it is spotless. We wash your car by hand and delicately dry it with the finest chamois. Next, we clean your wheels and even shine up your tyres. If you’re looking for an even greater level of clean, we can even work our magic on your car’s interior. Vacuuming, wiping down the consoles and dashboard, cleaning the door wells, boot, and more. By the time you return your car will look as fresh as it’s ever been (and for an affordable price as well).

If you’re looking for a quality solution for parking at Coolangatta airport, with a bit of extra care thrown in, Aussie Parking is the way to go. Outstanding service combined with excellent prices that can’t be beaten. Book today online and watch your parking woes melt away.