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You’ll Find the Best Long Term Car Parking at Coolangatta Airport Here

You know the situation well: you have a trip out of town, have to leave for a week (or more!) and have to figure out where to leave your car while you’re away. You could leave your car at the on-site airport parking, but you know those rates are exorbitant. Think about it, the airport is running the on-airport parking lot, has a monopoly on all the spaces, and can charge whatever they like without fear of reprisal (or lost business). You have to get to the airport, and they’re the only game in town — or are they?

A much better option for long term car parking at Coolangatta airport is off-site parking. Particularly, off-site parking from Aussie Parking. We’re located a convenient 5-minute drive away from the airport and provide both indoor and outdoor parking services. Worried about pricing? No fear, our rates are reasonable. Worried about your car being safe? No need, we are a professional service and believe in excellent service. Promise, we won’t take your car out to practice our handbrake turns or drifting manoeuvres. Booking with us online means no stress for you, and our free on-demand shuttle bus service will transfer you and your luggage from our lot to the Gold Coast Airport within minutes. We provide the best off-site long term car parking at Coolangatta airport, and our clients trust us for good reason. Call us on 04 9955 5769 to learn more, or contact us via email at